Friday, March 3, 2017

Good vibes + Green bomber

Hi guys, and TGIF! 
FIRST outfit post on Dear Blog, From Bridget, woot woot! And it includes some of my favorites from my wardrobe. First being this bomber jacket -- I found it at H&M for $20 and it's the perfect transition piece for spring. Also, this cute little backpack! Another awesome find! 

I'm off to a girls cabin weekend in small-town Wisconsin. I'll be cozying up to a fireplace in my sweatpants and having some quality time with some girlfriends. Eating pizza and drinking wine. I'm looking for recommendations on a good book to start... Comment below if you have one! Are you up to anything fun this weekend? Would love to hear about it! 

Have an awesome weekend! 



  1. Bridget, the blog looks so good and I love this outfit! I have the same bomber jacket and love that it layers well with so many things! Have a great weekend! That sounds perfect.

    Jacy |

    1. THANK YOU. It's so fun to get back into it. You have so many cute jackets - can I just steal your whole wardrobe?! ;)

  2. Love the green bomber and that tee <3

    -Brandi K

  3. Wow good deal! Bomber jackets are so in right now!

  4. I am loving the whole outfit especially that tee! So adorable <3

    -Brandi Kimberly

  5. Such a fabulous outfit! The bomber jacket will never go out of style - great wardrobe staple 😊