Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Casual + MPLS Favorites

I've always lived in Minneapolis, but with my new job being downtown, I'm able to explore the city way more often than I've ever been able to. And I'm loving it. 

My favorite part of town lately has been North Loop. There's so many cute restaurants, shops and things to do -- all within a short walk. One of my favorite dinner spots lately has been Red Rabbit. It's by the same people who own the Red Cow restaurants (which I also love.. the best turkey burgers ever) and they have done a phenomenal job. The vibe is super trendy and the food is outstanding (the pasta croquettes are to die for). 

When I need a coffee break, I find myself regularly at The Bachelor Farmer Cafe and Spyhouse Coffee. Both spaces are so bright and have delicious coffee and treats. 

Other places I'm loving in Minneapolis: Crisp & Green (just opened and I've been 5x), Young Joni (they have a secret prohibition-style speakeasy behind that is a must see!), Hola Arepa (all-time fave), Birchwood Cafe (just google their waffles), Victor's Cafe (authentic Cuban! Yum!), and Surly (brewery with amazing food). There's so much food in Minneapolis and so little time for it all. On my to-try list are: Alma, Tullibee, and Esker Grove.

Any other Minneapolis friends have recommendations? 


  1. That backpack is so cute! I love the color!


  2. That backpack is adorable! I bought a similar one in Bali and it is my absolute travel/everyday bag. Love the pink too <3

  3. That backpack is so cute!

    Cheers, J

  4. I love the tones of these photos! That sweater looks so cozy. x Shannon

  5. such a cute backpack!

  6. I love those booties! Such cute cutouts!