Sunday, March 12, 2017

Workout wear + at-home HIIT

Happy (lazy) Sunday, everyone! 

Some days I just can't make it to the gym, even though I have the best intentions of getting there. I've been able to compile some of the easiest at-home exercises that don't require any equipment. Check out what I like to do to get my sweat on at home:

Warm up (repeat 2x):
5 inch worm push ups
15 jumping jacks
1 minute of skaters

Circuit #1 (repeat 3x):
Arms: 10 push ups
Legs: 12 pistol squats
Cardio:  8 X jumps

Circuit #2 (repeat 3x):
Arms: 12 tricep Dips
Legs: 16 lunges
Cardio: 8 burpees

Cricuit #3  (repeat 3x):
Arms: 16 shoulder taps
Legs: 1 minute wall sit
Cardio:  20 mountain climbers

Core (repeat 3x): 
 40 bicycle crunches
12 toe touches
12 jack knives

What kind of workouts do you all do? Comment below and let me know -- I'm always open to trying a new one! 



  1. Definitely will be trying this today! Love the outfit too!! XO, CH

  2. I love your athletic apparel, it's super fashionable and I could see myself wearing this, even on days I'm not working out, it's so perfect and comfy looking--I'd totally run errands in this look. Also, for me, walking in the morning or early bike rides seem to work for me. It's a great way to get fresh air and get my mind right for the work week. Thanks for sharing your routine. I book marked the link. :)

  3. Definitely gonna need to try out this workout! Love the look as well!

  4. Obsessed with this workout outfit & thanks for the tips! Xx

  5. I will have to try this new routine. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  7. Such a great workout! Love your leggings!


  8. Great workout tips!

    I would make sure to follow them <3

    Laura |

  9. cute workout look!

  10. I'm saving this for future use! Love those workout leggings!

    Belle |

  11. How is it that you always look great, even in sweatpants?
    Love CC - Courtney Bentley ||

  12. Hey, I am just in love with your leggings. These are super adorable. I also have to purchase new clothes for workouts and I think that mesh cut out leggings would be perfect pick this time. I am sure that I would be able to get some nice offers on that.

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